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Denise Milani

                  This video gallery is a tribute to our beautiful nabor from Czech Republic - adorable Denise Milani.
         She is an absolute perfection with her 34DDD bust, thin 19'' waist, 34" hips and tiny 0 size dresses she is wearing.
    But most   importanly is her personality that makes her famous and wanted by already millions of fans around the world.
 She is an absolute cuity - stunning and hypnotizing at the same time. Words fail to discribe her beauty - it is a pure magic...
                                                                Just watch it yourself to understand...


   The video gallery that we selected here for you, at our opinion, is perfectly reflecting her brite and chearfull personality! 
   If you want to know more about Denise and to meet her closer we recommend you to visit the official Denise Milani website

      For full size Denise Milani videos log on to the  official Denise Milani web site or check our Denise Milani picture galleries